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    It all started after becoming disillusioned and disappointed with the lack of / limited choices of men's accessories to go with items of clothing such as blazers, suits etc. Therefore as I've always been interested and very much opinionated about Mens fashion - I stopped the moaning and decided to create my own fashion label - something that would give more choices to us men, something different!

    Within the next few months I launched Poser Club - a name normally associated with 'show boater's, however we believe that there's nothing wrong with posing, in fact it empowers, gives confidence and enhances pride in the individual

    We have started our journey by offering neck, bow ties and pocket squares and have a vision of offering a wider choice of attire related products in the future. We want Poser Club to be your preferred choice when it comes to fashion

    All of our products have been handmade by us - having sourced designs and materials from accross the world. We take inspiration from the outdoors and you'll notice that some of our designs have a 'nature theme' associated with them

    We'd love for you to be part of our vision and help shape our growth - we promise you won't be disappointed!

    Feel free to get in touch - you'll get a personal reply from myself!

    Thanks for being curious!